Meeting in Cyprus

Last meeting - Cyprus 2012 June 12 - 2012 June 17

Dear Niki, Telemachos and all teachers from Cyprus.

All  teams  would like to  thank you for your great efforts to make us feel so good in Cyprus. We spent  wonderful days in your country, met hospitable people, participated in amazing  activities at school, visited interesting and beautiful places. During working session we have managed last assignments, discussed filling the final report and EST.

Our project has just finished, however, our  memories  will remain with us.

Meeting in Turkey

Sixth meeting in Ordu - Turkey - May 15-20 2012

We would like to thank the headmaster of the school and all the Turkish partners for organizing this great visit for us. You welcomed us in your school where we had the chance to see folk dances and a lovely fashion show performed by small children. We also could plant flowers with kindergarten pupils as well as work in our project aims. We loved the children, the food, your music. We had great time there and we will never forget our visit in Ordu!!!!

See you in the last meeting in Cyprus

Ten rules to save the environment

Mascot of the Comenius project 2010 - 2012



Meeting in Romania

Fifth meeting in Ploiesti - Romania - March 5 - 8 2012

During our next meeting we had the chance to visit school, to work with students and colleagues, to visit many beautiful places, to taste food……Everything was perfect.

The most important points of the program were discussion about next assignments, determination of deadline for them and specify visits to other partner countries.

We thank our Romanian colleagues for preparing this unforgettable meeting.

Now we are looking forward to seeing in Turkey


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